Published: September 26, 2022

Dallas Continues to Support All Students and All Stakeholders

As a result of the support of parents and families, faculty, staff and students our first four weeks of school have been successful and productive.  We appreciate all of our students’ and stakeholders’ enthusiasm and effort in helping to make each day safe and enjoyable for students. 

As you are aware, we’ve recently engaged in research and legal review of circumstances involving two classrooms within which a version of “Rainbow Flags” were displayed on the wall.  

This process allows the District to reaffirm our commitment to supporting all students and stakeholders, regardless of background, orientation, identity or beliefs in every way, in every classroom and place on our campus without exception. We care about our students, our employees, and our community.  

Over the past several years, our faculty and staff have participated in professional development and recognize the need to make every space in school safe for all students.  We continue to offer guidance and support to all students and families related to all areas of social and emotional wellness.  We’ve added supporting professionals to our buildings and regularly consult with higher education, health care providers and agencies related to safety, diversity, identity, acceptance, and overall well-being.

Our recently adopted Comprehensive Plan, submitted to the Pennsylvania Department of Education, further identifies and confirms our commitment to providing a safe learning environment for all students as seen in a goal excerpt below:

Develop district practices that foster increased community relationships and partnerships. In particular, develop systems to increase effective communication modes and collaboration within and among the school community, that embraces diversity, evaluates and provides equity in opportunities for students, and fosters kindness among all district stakeholders.  Within these practices, further develop student support systems, opportunities, and service learning. 

We also recognize the need to be responsive to acts that are not aligned with our continued efforts to foster a safe and supportive environment for our school community.  Parents and families are encouraged to communicate regularly and as needed with building principals, guidance counselors, and teachers as needs arise.  

Fostering a safe and supportive campus environment is a collective effort.  We appreciate and thank all of our employees, families, the greater community, and our students for collaboratively striving to demonstrate those qualities that contribute to a culture of caring for one another every day in every place on our campus and beyond.