Published: November 01, 2023

District Update/Communication from the Pennsylvania State Police Commissioner Colonel Christopher L. Paris – Wednesday, November 1, 2023

We are continuing to enhance our district technology infrastructure.  Technology, including email, may appear inoperable at times.

Please call the main office(s) of our schools if you are not certain your email is reaching the intended recipient as needed.

Following our meeting on Tuesday, 10.31.23 with Senator Lisa Baker and the Pennsylvania State Police related to past school threats the State Police provided the following communication:

Letter from Pennsylvania State Police

Continued, additional safety enhancements, in cooperation with law enforcement, will be implemented every day moving forward.  As law enforcement continues to provide guidance, we continue to have numerous, varied, potential responses to future concerns.  Our automated text system, that includes only verified, registered users, will continue to be the primary mode of communication from the District.

Please contact your child’s Principal, the Director of Operations, or Superintendent with questions and input by calling the appropriate main/central office.

We appreciate the continued support.

Thank you.