Published: May 09, 2023

Exchange Students Near End of Dallas Stay

Dallas High School played host to three international students this school year including Silvia Canora Flores (Spain), Elvira Nessmo Jorum (Norway), and Viola Mei Lian Gebert (Germany).

Silivia’s host family is Kelly O’Brien and Will Steinruck and her realized goals for participating as an exchange student included getting to know a new culture, being more independent, and following in her mom’s footsteps who also participated in an international student program.

Elvira is spending the school year with Justin and Sherri Matus and enjoys watching school sports, American Football and is amazed by the large number of deer in our area. She came to love a new food this year – bagels. Participating in an exchange program is popular for students in Norway where she will return to complete her last year of school (grade 13!) next year.

Viola’s host family is Mary Ann and Rick Roberts and she was motivated to participate in the exchange program to learn more about everyday life in a different culture. Viola was surprised to learn how popular sports and clubs are in the US, noting there are no school sports in Germany. While at Dallas she enjoyed spending time with friends, participating in lacrosse, and discovering pizza (especially from the bowling alley) and peanut butter chocolate ice cream (as peanut butter is not available in Germany!)

Thank you to the host families and especially to Silvia, Elvira, and Viola for sharing the school year with Dallas and allowing us to learn about each country of origin while the trio was able to experience the United States at Dallas!

Pictured below, L-R are: Silvia Canora Flores (Spain), , Elvira Nessmo Jorum (Norway) and Viola Mei Lian Gebert (Germany)