Published: August 21, 2023

New Dallas Teachers Participate In Induction Program

DSD welcomed ten new professional staff including 9 new teachers and 1 long term substitute teacher who will serve at Wycallis Primary Center teaching kindergarten.  Newly hired teachers represent a combination of replacement teachers and new positions with the majority of new faculty set to serve as students with special needs and interventionists.  DSD’s newest faculty members participated in a day-long orientation program on August 17 at which district administrators presented. Topics included Professional Standards and Practices, Safety, Technology, and a review of district expectations.  All new faculty members participate in a year-long induction program and are assigned a mentor teacher.  

Meet  DSD’s Newest Faculty 

District faculty returned to school on August 21 with in-service days for teachers being scheduled for August 21-23.  Agenda highlights included a traditional welcoming and introduction of new faculty, and a review of annual goals and initiatives by Dr. Duffy, Superintendent.  Additional training sessions include safety, to be delivered by Mr. Sholtis, Director of Operations, and tiered support for students delivered by school psychologists, Tina Doughton and Brittany Yankovich.  Building specific agendas are planned for August 22 with principals facilitating sessions.  August 23 allows for teacher preparation of classrooms.  Pictured below are new faculty with Mr. Sholtis and Dr. Duffy.