Published: August 04, 2022

New District Website Launched!

If you are reading this news announcement, you’ve found the new Dallas School District Website! Over the last several months the District has worked alongside our partner, FIG Industries, to redesign the District Website. In what will be phase one of additional updates to follow, our revisions included efforts to make pages, places, and information easier to find, add features like new announcements, include a search bar, and calendar. Additionally, we updated the color pallet and images, including the addition of many photos of students and the district. Our vision for changes in the operation of the site includes increased news and announcement messages, regular updates of photos and media, and overall increasing available information about the District to our students, parents, community and beyond. Next steps include updates of our building pages. As with any new site, you may find “glitches” or have other suggestions as you click around. Please send any input regarding the District Website to or