Published: August 30, 2022

Opening Day In-service Emphasizes Safety and Support

Faculty and staff gathered in the Dallas High School Performing Arts Center on Monday, August 22 for the transitional opening day meeting. Principals introduced new faculty and staff and provided updates related to building level initiatives. Superintendent, Dr. Thomas Duffy, reviewed the Comprehensive Plan Goals and specific annual goals for the district. Numerous school safety updates were presented including:

  • Updated A.M. and P.M supervision duties/assignments
  • Implementation of hi-visibility vests for faculty and staff
  • Installation of security hardware on chain link fences
  • Completion of visitor entry door monitoring system
  • Updating door monitoring software/hardware installation plan
  • Exploration of camera / detection systems
  • Updates all communication radios
  • Return to A.M. Screening /implementation of tiered levels of screening
  • Increased security staff/ increased coverage – Two Dallas Twp SROs / Two armed agency security officers

Behavioral health initiatives centered on providing support for students were also reviewed and include:

  • Maintaining services from clinical psychologist
  • Maintenanings Children’s Service Center Staff on campus
  • Maintaining Wyoming Valley Alcohol and Drug Services Staff on campus
  • Continuing Tiered Levels of Intervention
  • Continuing specialized support for students with special needs
  • Increasing Social Emotional Learning opportunities
  • Increasing prosocial events and opportunities for student
  • Increasing social work for students
  • Increasing school psychologist services

Dr. Duffy concluded the in-service session by introducing several safety and support partners who provided introductions and remarks regarding their role(s) within the district. Pictured below (left to right)

Front row

Officer Posten, Dallas Township Police SRO, Alyssa Hill, Children’s Service Center, Laura Kluck, Children’s Service Center, Joanna Cunningham, Beyond Behavior, Natasha Tullo, LIU 18 School Psychologist, Ruth Anderiko, A.M. Screening Team, Bill Bevan, A. M. Screening Team, Dr. Thomas J. Duffy, Superintendent of Schools

Back Row

Chief Higgins, Dallas Township Police Department, Sergeant Feeney, Dallas Township Police Department, Mr. Jacob Sholtis, Director Of Operations, Officer Victor Vlachos, Curley Agency, Officer Jones, Curley Agency, Officer Balchune, Curley Agency, Officer Lewis, Curley Agency, Brian Murphy, A.M. Screening Team