Bus Transportation

Dallas School District provides transportation services under the guidance of PA Public School Code of 1949.

Due to the fluid nature of student enrollment and attendance in addition to daily traffic, please have students at the prescribed stop a minimum of five minutes prior to the posted time.

Dallas School District residents attending the West Side Career and Technology Center or non-public schools that receive transportation, please refer to separately listed stops.

Dallas School District is conducting a practice bus run on August 22nd. Due to the numerous changes in routes, all students and families are encouraged to participate.

Special Education routes are not publicly listed on this website. Families with a student receiving specialized transportation should contact Amanda at 570.675.5201 with questions.

Bus Routes

Please Note: Routes will be updated throughout the year based on student ridership.

Transportation Help

Families with transportation questions should contact their student’s school:

  • Wycallis Primary Center (Grades K-2): 570.674.7283
  • Dallas Intermediate School (Grades 3-5): 570.674.7271
  • Dallas Middle School (Grades 6-8): 570.674.7243
  • Dallas High School (Grades 9-12): 570.674.7208

For bus concerns after normal school hours please call: 570.674.7208 ext. 5263

For Dallas School District big buses and non-public school transportation: 570.675.5201 ext. 5298

For Special Education related transportation: 570.675.5201 ext. 5887
Transportation Request Form

Additional Information on Transportation