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President: Christine Swailes

Vice President: Larry Schuler

Michael DiMare

Amanda Faneck

Kelley Kavanagh-Watkins

Joshua Mason

Patrick Musto

Sherri L. Newell

board member

Kristin Pitarra

District Updates

District Updates – Communicated at the regular meeting

Meeting Notice Dallas School District

The previously scheduled regular meeting of the Dallas School Board for Monday, October 10, 2022, at 7:00 pm will be open to the public at our district office public meeting room.

The public may also participate via Zoom. Utilizing the latest version of ZOOM is recommended.

The Zoom link can be found below.



Public comments and questions via Zoom will be managed via the “raise hand feature” denoted in the upper left corner of the Zoom frame. Once you “raise your hand”, your microphone will be enabled and you will state your first and last name and address. Participants are reminded, per DSD policy, that public comments/questions shall be:

Accompanied by the participant’s name and address

Limited to three (3) minutes

The Dallas School District Zoom meeting audio and video are recorded.

The Dallas School District Board meeting agenda will be made available 24 hours prior to the meeting (below). Please contact Ms. Chris Porasky at with any questions.

Thank you.



Meeting Presentation(s)

Alloy5 – September 12, 2022

Principal Handouts – September 12, 2022

Board Packet

Public Board Packet

Annual Work Session/Meeting Schedule

January 10, 2022
February 14, 2022
March 14, 2022
April 11, 2022
May 9, 2022
June 13, 2022
July 11, 2022
August 8, 2022
September 12, 2022
October 10, 2022 (Columbus Day)
November 14, 2022
December 5, 2022

All public meetings are scheduled for 7:00 P.M. unless otherwise listed. If you would like to attend via Zoom, please register via the link above (when available).

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Past Meeting Minutes