Published: November 10, 2023

Dallas to Recognize United States Veterans

All district schools will recognize Veterans Day throughout the week surrounding November 11.

  • Wycallis Primary Center, students will utilize current articles in Junior Scholastic Magazine that discuss Veterans Day.  Kindergarten and Grade 1 students will read stories, watch videos, and write reflections about Veterans and Grade 2 students will read poems, write Acrostic Poems, and watch a video about the history of Veterans Day.  In partnership with Geisinger, all students will join in making  a Red, White and Blue Star design created by arranging students in the gym to show our support for Veterans Day.  Students will be creating cards to distribute to Veterans at an upcoming event.

  • Dallas Intermediate School will have America’s White Table set up at the entrance to the DIS Cafeteria.  Teachers will read, “America’s White Table” to their classes and explain the symbolism of all items included in the empty setting and why we honor US veterans in this way.  DIS fourth and fifth graders participated in a Veterans Day essay contest sponsored by The Wyoming Valley Veterans Day Parade Committee. The DIS school winner is Audrey Dunn.  Her essay has been submitted to the regional competition.  DIS students will create cards for both the VA Hospital and Geisinger to be distributed to Veterans.

  • Dallas Middle School will conduct a Veterans Day Assembly on November 13, 2023.  Mr. Shaffer will lead the ceremony with an opening presentation of the origin of Veterans Day and America’s involvement in WWI through the signing of the armistice and the Treaty of Versailles . The guest speaker will be Retired Marine Major, Shane Grodack and the band and chorus will play patriotic renditions.

  • Dallas High School Broadcasting class is developing a presentation for the morning broadcast for students based on the historical significance as well as individual student connections.

    Members of the Social Studies Department at Dallas High School will honor Veterans Day by engaging students through a variety of classroom interactions in both required courses, as well as electives.  Educators will…

    • provide students with digital and physical resources to examine the history and meaning of Veterans Day in the United States, as well as other countries.

    • engage students in class discussions to build an understanding of the history of Veterans Day and why it is celebrated in the United States, as well as other countries.

    • discuss and analyze challenges and realities of serving your country and leaving/retiring from service.

    • analyze literature (“In Flanders Fields”), as a way to identify and understand the concept of sacrifice, specifically that of Veterans.

    • gain understanding of how family members that have served in the military have helped their country during classroom discussions.

    Additionally, all members of the Dallas High School Social Studies Department advertised the Wyoming Valley Veterans Day Parade Committee’s essay contest to their students, encouraged participation, and submitted an entry written by junior student Bruce Graham.