Published: May 06, 2024

DSD Celebrates Teacher Appreciation Week 2024!

Teacher Appreciation Week is a week set aside each year in May to recognize the dedication and service of our Nation’s teachers.  Take time to thank and show appreciation for our Dallas Teachers this week!

The role of teachers, educators and significant adults who support school programming continues to evolve as we serve students with increasingly unique academic needs and to provide tiered behavioral supports in effort to meet all students’ needs.  Those challenges have provided our faculty the opportunity for growth and greater motivation to celebrate the success we continue to have with students.

Teach Appreciation Week takes on an even more significant role this year with a historic number of Dallas Teachers retiring at the end of this school year.  Twelve faculty members are completing their final school and this year will take over 300 years of collective classroom experiences with them as this school year concludes.  We join thousands of former students, their parents, and families as well as the greater school community in expressing our appreciation for this special group this year.

High standards, collective responsibility, and individual accountability continue to be part of our student centered culture.  Much continues to be asked of our faculty and they continue to deliver! Be sure to congratulate and thank our Dallas Teachers this week and beyond!