Published: August 21, 2023

PA STEELS Standards Emphasize Phenomenon-based Teaching

The District continues to prepare for the transition to the Pennsylvania Integrated Standards for Science, Technology & Engineering, and Environmental Literacy and Sustainability, and Pennsylvania Technology and Engineering Standards  (PA STEELS Standards.)  The PA STEELS Standards emphasize phenomenon based learning, a model that seeks to engage students by presenting an event or observable phenomenon and working to explore and explain it while arriving at science concepts later.  The District’s plan of action for the 2023-2024 school year includes a field study at the intermediate level that included significant professional development for participating teachers in partnership with OpenSciEd, a pilot of OpenSciEd materials at the middle school level, and additional professional development and sampling of new materials at the high school level.  The PA STEELS Standards will be implemented across the state beginning in 2025 and our efforts in the meantime will prepare our science teachers to continue to serve our students well into the future.