Published: March 15, 2024

Safety Communication Updates and Reminders

March 15, 2024
10:15 AM

The District is aware of the communication in the community regarding alleged threats and safety concerns. All safety related concerns are evaluated in concert with law enforcement.

Operational decisions are made in cooperation with police and related agencies.

The District continues to operate typically with all academics and activities occurring as planned.

We understand our collective concern regarding safety. All district employees are committed to doing their very best everyday to provide a safe, welcoming environment for all students.

Among our greatest strengths as a school district continues to be the entire community’s intentional awareness, communication and support of the District and one another. Your support is noted, appreciated, and valued.

Thank you.


Please find below several general updates and reminders regarding communication and safety:

Safety Related Communication

Every effort is made to communicate effectively regarding safety concerns. Communication reminders regarding safety issues include:

Student and employee confidentiality are governed by Federal Law and communicating about specific student discipline and personnel matters needs to be a balanced approach.

Communicating with great detail regarding safety measures needs to be balanced with potential vulnerabilities of posting internal detailed, safety protocols.

Consultation with law enforcement often helps to inform the District’s approach to the release of information; we cannot release information that could compromise ongoing investigations, may not be based on fact, and is unlawful to release.

Reporting Safety Concerns

While each situation is unique, actions to take if you become knowledgeable about a safety/concern or threat include:

Call your child’s principal, district office, director of operations, superintendent

Utilize the Safe2Say System

Call 911/ Local Police

All information regarding safety concerns should be reported to the school and or law enforcement.

Safety Measures

Safety measures and enhancements are never complete; we continue to evaluate and increase systems, resources, and protocols. In addition, all employees are provided with regular professional development related to safety operational approaches. Safety measures include: but not limited to:

Constant communication, consultation and support from local, state and federal law enforcement at all times

Increased police and security presence on campus in both quality and duration

Consistently enforced employee protocols and directives